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Lansurf TA15

Product Category : Nonionics

Tallowamine + 15EO

Lansurf TA15 is a nonionic surfactant produced by the alkoxylation of ethylene oxide with tallow amine. This product has good compatibility with other nonionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants.


Lansurf TA15 finds application in a variety of industries such as textiles, paints, metal working, agriculture and polish manufacture. In particular Lansurf TA15 is used in textile applications as a levelling agent and anti-precipitant and is used as a primary wetting agent in acid and alkaline formulations for metal cleaning and the stripping of surface coatings.

Wetting draves 0.5g/l

# method 10% in 25% BDG solution