The Most Powerful Hyperdispersant for UV Carbon Black Dispersions

The Most Powerful Hyperdispersant for UV Carbon Black Dispersions

Updated: 7 days ago

Introducing Lansperse UV10B

In many UV cured dispersion formulations carbon black pigments are used at high loadings, and to achieve a good dispersion you need an additive that provides both wetting and dispersing properties. Lansperse UV10B is unique in that it offers super-fast wetting of the carbon black which helps to reduce the particle size down very quickly within 5 mins of being in a bead mill (see graphs); no other dispersing agent can achieve such a quick result. For the manufacturer of UV cured carbon black dispersions, this quick response in processing will help to reduce energy costs and help to increase the production volumes.


· Super-fast wetting properties

· Powerful dispersing agent to maintain stability

· High gloss achieved

· Reduced milling times – save on energy costs and more production output

· Reduced particle size

· Good colour strength

· No additional synergist required


Designed for UV cured formulations:

· Printing Inks

· Industrial inkjet

Particle Size after 5mins in a bead mill

Particle size reduction over time in a bead mill