Hard Surface Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners

Updated: Apr 1

An overview of few starting formulations

Hard surface cleaners are used for cleaning surfaces which cannot be immersed and need to be cleaned in situ. The type of substrate and soil can vary considerably, but most products are formulated to be general purpose. If the surface is vertical the formulations can be thickened by cellulosics or gums which will give longer dwell time on the surface.

These formulations do not contain preservatives, dyes or fragrances etc. which can be added to suit individual requirements.

High foam liquid % Kemsurf ESD 10 Lansurf AE107 2 Tetrapotassium pyrophoshate 6 Sodium carbonate 2 Water 80

Concentrated Liquid %

Kemsurf SBE25 30 Lansurf AE107 3 Tetrapotassium pyprophosphate 6 Sodium carbonate 2.5 0.88 Ammonia 0.1 Water 58.4