Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Updated: Mar 17

The following article gives a background to the preparation of an effective commercial rinse aid.

The following formulation is for an effective dish and glass rinse aid which will help to speed up the drying of crockery, cutlery and catering utensils in commercial kitchens as well as glassware within cabinet glass washers in pubs and catering institutions.

This formulation is a concentrate and can be diluted down at the same ratios to the required strength. At low strengths a preservative such as isothiazolone maybe required.

% Lansurf AEP63 30 Isopropanol 9 Citric acid 8 Dye and perfume as required Water rest

Method of production:

· Add all components to water while mixing

· Add perfume, dye and preservative (if required)