Alkali Cleaners and the use of Hydrotropes

Alkali Cleaners and the use of Hydrotropes

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

An overview of alkali cleaning formulation.

In heavily build caustic formulations some detergent components will be insoluble and will drop out of solution. To ensure good solubility a hydrotrope such as Lanphos TEP4K is require. This product is one of the most powerful hydrotropes available in the marketplace.

Alkaline cleaners are required primarily to degrease heavily soiled surfaces, including metals.

A typical formulation would be:


Lanphos TEP4K 10 Lansurf AE105 5 Potassium Pyrophosphate (50%) 20 Sodium Metasilicate 1 Preservative as required Water balance

Method of production -

1. Add the water and sodium disilicate and then mix

2. Add the remaining ingredients whilst mixing and then finally the preservative

In case phosphates cannot be used replace with a silicate or carbonate.