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Agrosurf NEC12

Product Category : Agrochemicals

Nonionic Emulsifiers

Agrosurf NEC12 is a speciality nonionic developed as an emulsifier for use in emulsifiable concentrate formulations. It can be used in conjunction with the anionics found in the Agrosurf AEC range. A combination of both anionic and nonionic emulsifiers can provide good synergistic effects in terms of emulsion quality and stability.


Agrosurf NEC12 is commonly used in combination with either Agrosurf PWS or Agrosurf CA for the preparation of emulsifiable concentrates containing organo-phosphorous insecticides such as Fenitrothion, Methyl Ethoate and Dichlorvos. It can also be used in a similar way for herbicide systems based upon esters of chlorinated phenoxy-alkanoic acids.