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Metal Cleaning

Metal cleaning is important for the removal of dirt, lubricants, particulates and fluids that accumulate on metal surfaces during the metalworking processes. The metal cleaning formulations can include alkaline, synthetic, emulsion, detergent, and acidic products. For use in spray, immersion and vibratory cleaning systems. To ensure the successful formulation for this application a broad range of characteristics including, low foaming, electrolyte tolerance, wetting and emulsification are required.


Metal cleaning components provided by Lankem can provide all the key characteristics required in the formulation of systems for a broad range of applications. These products are based on phosphate esters and fatty alcohol ethoxylates/alkoxylates.

Lanphos PE35

Lansurf AE107

Lansurf AE37

Lansurf AEP63

Lansurf AEP66



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