Lansurf DEP808 | Lankem Surfactants | Nonionic

Lansurf DPE808

Product Category : Nonionics

Diol Based EO / PO Block Copolymer

Lansurf DPE808 is nonionic surfactant composed of condensates of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. This particular product is based upon a diol with a molecular weight of 8000.


This product is specifically used as co-dispersant and stabiliser in emulsion polymerisation systems such as:


Vinyl Acetate (homopolymer)

Styrene (homopolymer)

Styrene Acrylic

Acrylic Monomers (Esters and Acids)

Wetting draves 0.5g/l

# method 10% in 25% BDG solution