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Antifoam for Aqueous Systems

Dfoam AR2

Antifoams are used in many aqueous based formulation where build up of foam may be a problem. Many systems already contain surfactants or dispersing agents which tend to foam to a certain degree.  In mechanical or agitated systems foaming can be an issue, so the incorporation of an antifoam during processing will help to significantly reduce the problem

Dfoam AX1 is designed specifically for paint formulations

Dfoam AR2 is designed for aqueous dispersions

Key Features

  • Powerful Antifoam properties

  • Silicone Free

  • APE Free


Dfoam AX1 is a silicone free antifoam that effectively prevents air entrainment, froth and foam. It coalesces minute air bubbles in the liquid, allowing them to rise easily to the surface, and promotes rapid bubble film rupture on the surface of the liquid. Foaming is not only suppressed during manufacture, it remains suppressed during stirring and application by the consumer. Foam control is easily and effectively achieved with small percentages of DFoam AX1. This ensures an economical method of foam control.

Dfoam AX1 is specifically compatible with a variety of polymer latices including styrene butyl acrylate, acrylic, PVC, styrene-butadiene and vinyl acetate, for use in paints and adhesives.

Dfoam AR2 has been designed for use in all aqueous dispersions such as pigments and inorganic powders. With increased antifoam properties compared to AX1, its specifically suitable for lower viscosity systems. Most dispersion preparations are made under agitation, Dfoam AR2 helps to prevent foam build up during production.

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