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Additives for the Coatings Industry

Lankem offer a wide range of specialty additives for the Coatings Industry. Over the years we have developed a range of dispersing agents for both inorganic and organic pigment types for use in aqueous, solvent and UV systems.


Our coating additives find application in:

  • Pigment dispersions

  • Paint formulations

  • Inks

  • Wood coatings

  • Pigmented plastics

The New BioLoop Dispersants Overview 

Dispersing Agents for Aqueous Systems

Dispersing Agents for Solvent Systems

Dispersing Agents for UV Systems

Pigmented Plastics

Additives for Tinting Formulations

Antifoams - Defoamer

Wetting Agent

Dispersing Agents for Inorganic Powders

Dispersing Agents for Papers